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Akane Apples-A Lunchbox Favorite

September 13th, 2009

It’s that time of year. School has started, and I’m craving local apples. For the last 13 years or so, I have been buying my certified organic apples from Kurt Tonnemaker of Tonnemaker Hill Farm in Royal City, Washington. Kurt is an easygoing guy who is carrying on the orchard legacy started by his grandfather, [...]

Blueberries are going gangbusters here in the Seattle, thanks to the warm sunny weather we’ve been having. I’ve already purchased pound upon pound of the purply orbs and have stored them in my freezer for use during the offseason.
But, a blueberry muffin recipe developed by Kemp Minifie, the Executive Food Editor at Gourmet, is sending [...]

By the time dinner rolled around yesterday, I was in no mood to cook. My kids, however, were ready to eat yet again. I couldn’t believe they wanted more food.
For breakfast it was organic Wheetabix, fresh oranges, scrambled eggs, and bagels. For my daughter’s post high school athletic practice snack (at 10:30 am) I [...]

I’m now heading into what I call the Teen Cuisine feeding frenzy. My children range in age from 14 to 7, so the power feeding at my house can be intense.
In an effort to take stock and seek some comfort, I’ve been reminiscing about how I fed them as infants. The cloud of the infant/toddler [...]

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