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I’ve always loved wooden salad bowls. There’s something so simple and basic about them.
While cruising through one of my favorite thrift stores last week, I stumbled upon a very large deep salad bowl with an accompanying set of six salad serving bowls. The set was marked a mere seven dollars, but what really attracted [...]

Last August, we readied our travel trailer and headed for a one week camping trip to Ucluelet, British Columbia. Located on the west side of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet is a small fishing town that boasts some serious salty dog ambiance. I’ve been vacationing on Vancouver Island for at least 13 years now, but this was [...]

I’ve been eating a lot of onions lately. These aren’t just any old boiling onion. These are the sweet and crisp Walla Walla onions grown in Eastern Washington and available during the summer months.
Last weekend, I was spontaneously assembling a mozzarella, tomato and basil salad for dinner and decided
to add some thinly sliced [...]

Around 5 pm on Sunday night, I was behind the eight ball. Even though it was Father’s Day, I hadn’t planned a special dessert.
Dinner was pretty well organized with some prime steak, corn on the cob, asparagus, and tomato salad on deck.
But, dessert was my wild card that night.
When the gang heard I [...]

My eleven-year old son loves gyros, and when I spied some sliced gyro meat at Central Market last night, I decided to make my own.
The gyro package offered little info beyond the fact that the meat came from Alexis Foods. Located in Portland, Alexis Foods offers a wide range of authentic Greek foods. I’ve [...]

While writing and researching a post for Amazon’s Al Dente blog yesterday, I gleaned a helpful tip from Sue Savitt, one of Nordic Ware’s telephone reps.
When greasing one of the cast aluminum pans from Nordic Ware, Sue explained that it’s best to use a
baking spray with flour and NOT just a plain cooking spray. [...]

My Dad was the king of deviled eggs at our house.
Admittedly, I don’t make them very often, but now that our flock of hens have launced into full production I often find myself with an excess of eggs.
We get tired of fried eggs, so I often hardboil them and concoct later. One [...]

Once again, my Cuisinart food processor pulled through in a pinch. Earlier this week,
my daughter started rummaging through the fridge and declared, “There’s NOTHING to eat.”
As usual, I declared, “There’s lots to eat.” I pointed to the tortillas, the sliced turkey, the yogurt,
the cherries, and the recently baked Walnut Jam Cake. None [...]

Last week was a doozy at our house. My daughter celebrated graduation. My in laws were visiting from out of town. My son had a lacrosse tournament and a Boy Scout potluck. My husband and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. And, I marked my fifteenth year as a dedicated food processor owner [...]

Last week, my English mother in law arrived in Seattle carting some serious baggage. This wasn’t the usual granny baggage, however.

When I met her at Seatac, I volunteered to monitor her
carry on while she scanned the carousel. As I maneuvered the carry on, I marveled at the weight and started to anticipate dinner. [...]

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