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Lemons: Ream Me Up!

March 8th, 2009

lemonDuring the winter months here in Seattle, we battle more than our fair share of dark, wet and dreary days. When I moved to the Emerald City nearly 14 years ago, one of my first winters boasted more than 100 straight days of rain. Then and there, I knew I had to find a way to cope with the seemingly endless rain. Of course, a warm weather get away was often part of the plan, but with three children now between the ages 6 and 14, jet setting isn’t always an option. To combat winter blues in a simpler more economical way, I’ve since learned to love those yellow orbs commonly known as lemons!!

I admittedly buy them by the bagful at Costco and keep them stashed in my second refrigerator. Every few days, I replenish the fruit bowl with lemons and reach for them on a daily basis. To get the most juice for my buck, I roll a room temperature lemon on the counter and then slice it in half. I then reach for my heavyweight Cuisipro reamer and strive to extract as much pucker as possible. Over the years, I’ve zested, squirted and squeezed the fruit into everything from a simple restorative glass of water to herby vinaigrettes, sauces, lemon bars and pound cakes.

Refreshingly aromatic and high in vitamin C, my lemons have indeed proven to be the perfect antidote to Seattle’s winter blues!

2 Responses to “Lemons: Ream Me Up!”

  1. Seth

    Hi, great post.
    I’ve loved lemons since I was a kid — I used to peel and eat them. My daughters have inherited my love for lemons…the more soureand tart, the better. So grab a lemon, pucker up, and enjoy.

  2. Mark

    The Costco Lemon story is fuuny; my wife always buys Costco Lemon becuase they are inexpensive during the winter months here in Seattle.
    We find new uses for them every week!

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