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Tres Chic Lunch Lady

April 8th, 2009

It’s my opinion that if you can’t eat lunch at home, then you might as well pack a good one to go. Thankfully, the Koko insulated lunch boxes make that not only easy, but also tres chic. KOKO lunch box

Resembling perfectly sized hand bags, they cost less than $30. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and when toted to and fro seem very inconspicuous…a far cry from the frumpy brown bag for sure!

I recently discovered these at Mrs Cooks, one of my favorite kitchenware shops in Seattle. The bags caught my eye as soon as I entered the store, and when the sales lady told me they had been “flying out the door,” I decided to buy the Charlotte fuchsia one. The bag, however, wasn’t for me. It was for my 14 year old daughter.

Carolyn takes her school lunch very seriously. She won’t touch the insipid hot lunch at school and prefers to bring a smorgasbord of homemade foods each day–smoked salmon spread, cheese and crackers, homemade cookies, and of course a sandwich or a wrap up.

Carolyn was quite thrilled with her hot pink lunch purse and carted it to school for its debut. It was quite the hit at the lunch table, and I think we just might see a surge in tres chic lunch ladies!

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