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My Dad was the king of deviled eggs at our house. deviled-eggs-and-garden-chives

Admittedly, I don’t make them very often, but now that our flock of hens have launced into full production I often find myself with an excess of eggs.

We get tired of fried eggs, so I often hardboil them and concoct later. One weekend I happened to have some wild Alaskan salmon caviar on hand and was inspired to make some deviled eggs. I thought the caviar would
look great on top of the eggs! Indeed, it was a lovely combination.

I simply whizzed some hardboiled yolks and one or two whites in the food processor, added a little mayonnaise and pureed until smooth. I then put the mixture in a piping bag, piped it into the halved egg whites, dolloped with the salmon caviar and sprinkled with my garden fresh chives.

It was a very impressive hors d’oeuvre made from ingredients at hand!

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