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If you are heading to England for business or pleasure, why not source some of your meals, snacks, wines and edible necessities from Waitrose?

When we were in London last February, Waitrose quickly became our supermarket of choice. I loved the bright clean stores, the superior friendly service, the fabulous high quality recipe booklets, the broad selection of U.K. meats, and the high quality takeaway meals and soups. With little effort, we were able to pull off numerous meals, snacks, and picnics that pleased the whole family.

While surveying the Waitrose website this morning, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Waitrose has been recognized as a top supermarket for customer service by the UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI). Mark Price, Managing Director of Waitrose, states, “It is really rewarding to hear such positive feedback…We are making every effort to constantly improve the customer experience in our branches and will keep our focus on delivering inspiring products, great value and differentiated service.”

This constant effort was obvious to me on many levels. Whenever I asked for help, the staff politely obliged. When I wanted a copy of a specific recipe booklet published by Waitrose, a nice gal at the Marlborough store hunted it down for me. When we stood in front of the immaculate seafood counter and started asking questions, the knowledgeable young female fishmonger behind the counter was happy to chat and offered intelligent insightful responses. When I started asking the Marlborough store manager about the company’s takeaway meals, he was quick to point out that the Waitrose meals didn’t contain nasty additives or preservatives.

So, aside from wallowing in the culture and history while we were in England, we felt welcome and right at home while grocery shopping at Waitrose. Cheers and congratulations to a top quality store!

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