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Attention fish lovers. Fresh Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon is now on deck and we are seeing a lot of it being sold here in Seattle. alaskan-sockeye

The 2009 season has been shaping up quite nicely in America’s Last Frontier, and I’m anticipating an official report from Alaska soon.

In the meantime, consider the all natural attributes of this wild all American fish:

–When compared to other species, such as King, Sockeye are reasonably priced at about $10 a pound.

–They are naturally high in heart healthy omega-three fatty acids.

–The bright red color remains brilliant and impressive even after the fish is cooked.

–They acquire their brilliant color while swimming freely in the cold clean waters off Alaska.

–They average about six pounds each and are a good species to cook whole for a party, bbq, or potluck.

–They are the second most abundant salmon species in Alaska.

Stay tuned for more info very soon.

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