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Preserving–Freezer Jams

July 24th, 2009

Do you want to make jam but resist the idea of stirring a hot cauldron on a beautiful summer day? Although I do make cooked jam during the summer, I recently decided to experiment with freezer jams. blueberries-for-freezer-jam

I had never made freezer jams. But after perusing the recently released 100th Anniversary Edition of The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving and talking to the book’s editor, Lauren Devine, I decided to try it.

Ball has two great products–Plastic Freezer Jars and Simple Creations No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin–that make the task even easier. The specialty pectin helps the jam set, and the jars ease preparation even further. Introduced by Ball about four years ago, the jars come in a variety of sizes, have twist on lids, feature fill lines, and are stackable!

As for the freezer jam itself, there are many aspects that make it a useful alternative to cooked. First, there’s NO COOKING necessary. You simply crush the fruit with a potato masher, add a mixture of sugar and the freezer jam fruit pectin, stir for three minutes, and ladle into containers.

Within thirty minutes, the jam will set. It’s just that simple. No cooking. No messy ladling of hot mixtures. No hot jars and lids. No sticky pots to clean! Just a bowl, a masher, the jars and a few basic ingredients.

I made some blueberry jam following the recipe on the pectin package. The jam took about five minutes to make and is now stacked in my freezer. When I was tidying up, I decided to read the inside of the freezer jar label. There was a recipe for No Cook Strawberry Jam.

In very very small print, there was also a reference to the website and a video showing how to make the jam. I checked it out. Funnily enough, there was Lauren showing the whole process from start to finish. A great useful video for sure!

Note: The 100th Anniversary Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, the Ball plastic freezer jars, and the Simple Creations No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin can be ordered directly from Ball through their website. They can also be found in the canning/preserving sections of large stores such as Fred Meyer and probably Wal Mart.

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