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Yum Yum Yukon Chum

April 11th, 2009

Here in Seattle there are a surprising number of children who take their wild salmon seriously. I’ve been cooking and serving salmon to my kids as well as other people’s for many years now. ivars-yukon-chum-dinner1

It’s such a valuable source of brain boosting Omega three fatty acids that I have committed a lot of trial and error to its preparation. Funnily enough, I have found that many of Seattle’s kids love their salmon and happily gobble it up whether its grilled, steamed, barbecued, sauced or skewered.

When Jon Rowley, Seattle’s seafood guru, sent me an email with a casual reference to Ivar’s Seafood Bar and their Yukon River salmon dinners for under $10, I had to gear up and take note. Ivar’s is a Seattle institution that has more than 70 years of service under its belt.

Jon mentioned he frequents the location in Ballard, which also happens to be the heart of Seattle’s Scandinavian community and the location of the city’s acclaimed Fisherman’s Terminal. Hence, we figured that was the best place to start.

I was particularly interested in Ivar’s approach because they were using Yukon River chum–a species that historically hasn’t hit the hot button around here. It’s the salmon species such as king, sockeye and coho that are generally in the limelight. But that may soon start to change. Alaska’s Yukon chum is venturing into the Seattle salmon scene and is proving to be a nutrient-rich affordable alternative.

The Yukon chum hails from Alaska’s 2000-mile Yukon River and is caught by Yupik Eskimos who live a subsistence life on the river’s remote delta. The fish are naturally rich in omega threes, because they accumulate excess fat in order to make the arduous journey upriver to spawn in their birthplace. Recent scientific studies have proven that the omega threes in the Yukon chum are impressively high.

On Saturday we placed our orders for the Yukon salmon dinner ($9.29 each) and the Salmon Caesar salad ($8.99). We then grabbed a booth and waited for our lunches to be served.

When our orders arrived, each salmon piece had been cooked to order and arrived hot, buttery and perfectly seared with grill marks. The pieces were incredibly large considering the price. The taste was outstanding.

Carolyn, my 14 year old daughter, took the food photo at hand and then devoured the lot. James poked at first and steadily plowed his way through a piece of fish that was almost as big as the paper plate on which it was served.

Overall, the Yukon salmon dinners at Ivar’s Seafood Bars are an affordable successful wild salmon dining option. Check it out and bring the kids. Yum Yum Yukon chum!

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  1. betsy

    wow i love this! your blog is great! keep it up, i love all the great ideas! know everyday i know what i will make for lunch or dinner!

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