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By the time dinner rolled around yesterday, I was in no mood to cook. My kids, however, were ready to eat yet again. I couldn’t believe they wanted more food.

For breakfast it was organic Wheetabix, fresh oranges, scrambled eggs, and bagels. For my daughter’s post high school athletic practice snack (at 10:30 am) I cranked out DeCeccco pasta reheated and swirled with fresh garden tomatoes, bell peppers, pesto and parmesan. The only beverage offered was cold pure filtered water.

A quick trip to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo offered a respite from kitchen patrol and another temptation at a vending machine. We avoided dispensing from the machine because the $3 sodas surpassed the amount of money each kid had tucked into their pockets for exactly this purpose.

By 1 pm, the kids were hungry again. At home, this led to pizza dough from the food processor and bespoke pizzas into the oven within 10 minutes. Devoured. Miscellaneous crusts fed to the chickens.

We were then off to an athletic appointment at the University of Washington. Another hour of continuous working out. By five pm—they were hungry again. Oh gosh, What NOW???

A few quick thoughts and another survey of the fridge let to a Super Quick Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry over basmati rice. My beloved Induction Heat Zojirushi rice cooker was quickly put into service and within twenty minutes, aromatic rice was fluffy and ready. Into my Nordic Ware wok went thinly sliced boneless skinless chicken thighs, still semi frozen due to the frenzy at hand. Once this was on its way to being cooked, small broccoli florets, half a sliced leftover pepper, some Teriyaki sauce diluted with water and thickened with cornstarch were tossed into the wok. Cooked til done.

Dinner was devoured. Another crazy day of feeding teens and adolescents. Watch for more of my posts on “Teen Cuisine.”

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  1. electromozzo

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