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Ideal Ball JarsYikes! If I was heading to Muncie, Indiana in the next couple weeks, I’d be rushing to the local heritage museum known as Minnetrista.

Until August 23, this museum, which is dedicated to nature, history, gardens, and art, will be hosting ”Can It! 125 Years of the Ball Jar.” 

Although Muncie isn’t the birthplace of the Ball jar, it  has been home to the company since the Ball Brothers moved  there from Buffalo, New York in the late 1887. The museum’s archives are a rich resource for historical information and vintage items, many of which are on display for the exhibit.

Visitors can see the machinery used in the manufacturing process. They can also see videos and participate in hands on canning events geared to adults and children alike.

For more information on the exhibit see the museum’s website, and be sure to check in with Hooks for Cooks tomorrow because I will be posting some unique info on the Ball Ideal Jar.

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  1. Claire Walter

    A long-ago co-worker of mine graduated from Ball State University in Muncie. Until he and I talked about it, I never knew of the connection between the town and glass canning jars. Look foward to reading how your PRESERVING efforts came out. – Claire @ htto://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com

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