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Vintage Pastry Day on Saturday

August 25th, 2009

Baked Pie CrustA few weeks ago, I stopped at an estate sale on Seattle’s Sandpoint Way. I hadn’t intended to stop there, but the sign was too compelling.

Handwritten on plywood, it read: “Estate Sale–60 Years of Stuff.” Indeed, while strolling the driveway there was lots of stuff–artificial flowers, Christmas ornaments, hair curlers, and kitchen paraphenalia. Lots of kitchen paraphenalia.

An old “Best Pies” pie pan caught my eye. It was about 9 inches and had a ridged bottom with pinholes. I’d been looking for a perforated pie tin for a long time. This was the one! When I paid my $1.50, I asked the cashier if she knew anything about the pan. Indeed, she did. It was her mom’s favorite. And, by the way, it makes the best pies I was told.

My heart felt a tug, and I wondered why anyone would part with such a treasure. Clearly, this gal wasn’t a pie baker. I assured her I’d put the pan to good use.

At home my pan sat on the shelf for a couple weeks and on Saturday I finally got around to using it. I had trouble deciding on which recipe to use but I eventually landed on one, Foolproof Pie Shells, from the November, 2009 issue of Taste of Home. I was sent in by a 91-year old grandpa who has been using the recipe for years.

I also decided to make the Open Blueberry Pie from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, Twelfth edition, 1979. The pastry recipe yielded a lot of dough and resulted in a tender flaky pie crust. I think that Grandma, Grandpa and Fannie would have been proud.

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