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Food Processor Salmon SaladWe eat a lot of wild salmon in our house. My husband and sons take great pleasure in fishing for wild salmon here in the Pacific Northwest, and thanks to their hobby I now have a freezer full of flash frozen fillets.

Last weekend, I poached a one pound salmon fillet and stashed it in the fridge once it cooled down. I had a lot of ideas in mind but when my 14 year old daughter had a hankering for another snack, I decided to crank out my favorite Food Processor Wild Salmon Salad.

This salad takes about 30 seconds to concoct and offers a powerful hit of brain boosting Omega Three fatty acids. Here’s a colloquial version of my food processor salmon salad:

My Food Processor Salmon Salad

Ready the food processor with the steel blade.
Take one celery stalk and cut into four or five chunks.
Pulse the celery four or five times.
Add the cooked salmon, skin removed of course.
Pulse four or five times to break up the fish
Add juice of one lemon and one or two dollops of mayo.
Pulse three or four times, being careful to NOT overpulse otherwise you risk getting a
mushy mixture. You want a little texture here!
Season with salt and pepper to taste. To serve, arrange on whole grain bread or croissants, top with diced tomatoes and fresh lettuce.

This was so yummy that Carolyn ate two sandwiches in one sitting and asked to have more later in the day. And, yes, she has requested this for the lunch box as well.

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