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Akane Apples-A Lunchbox Favorite

September 13th, 2009

Tonnemaker's AkanesIt’s that time of year. School has started, and I’m craving local apples. For the last 13 years or so, I have been buying my certified organic apples from Kurt Tonnemaker of Tonnemaker Hill Farm in Royal City, Washington. Kurt is an easygoing guy who is carrying on the orchard legacy started by his grandfather, Orland Tonnermaker, in 1962.

Throughout the fall, Tonnemaker sells an amazing array of apples at Seattle’s University District Farmers Market, but it’s his small Akanes that really excite me each year. The season is short on these little gems, and my kids just love them. I buy them by the 20 pound boxful, and in any given week my family can mow through the box by Friday.

Why do I love this variety? It’s simple. They are small, crunchy and perfect for school lunches! With their red and yellow striated skin and snow white crispy interior, these apples are easily tucked into a backpack or a lunchbox, ready to serve when hunger strikes.

My daughter is now in high school, but when she was in grade school she’d bring these apples for lunch every fall. I knew I was on to something when her classmates started asking to trade. The offer? Rice Krispie Treats for an Akane? The response? No deal. Hence, I started sending a few extra Akanes along!

A big thanks to the Tonnemaker Family!

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