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cuisinart eliteAt long last, I am getting around to posting my personal thoughts and opinions on Cuisinart’s new Elite Collection Food Processors. About a month ago, I wrote a general round up on the new design feature and attributes for Amazon’s Al Dente blog. If you aren’t familiar with the Collection, you can read my round up on Amazon’s Al Dente blog or you can go to Cuisinart’s website where you will find videos and information.

I have been working with the 16-cup model since June. While the Collection’s other models can be found in department stores and small kitchenware shop, this model is sold exclusively at Williams- Sonoma.

I first heard about the model when my sister in law saw it at Williams-Sonoma in Kansas City last May. I was able to get my hands on one. The machine sold quickly and by June, it was on back order until August.

Please note, I have worked with the machine multiple times a day almost every day for nearly four months now. It sits prominently on my kitchen counter. It has played a key role in my everyday family fare. I’ve made countless meals, snacks, salads, and baked goods with it. I have washed it by hand. I have sent the lid, work bowl, and blades through the dishwasher at least one hundred times. My husband has used it for Asian marinades destined for wild king and coho salmon.

When my mother in law visited, she revved it up and ran it through the paces. Marie is a longtime Cuisinart user and purchased the first model from Halls in Kansas City in the 1970s. She’s a solid source for information and opinions as well.

My eleven-year old son loves tools and gadgets. When he marveled at the machine, I told him to shove some zucchini through the feed tube while the motor was running. He didn’t eat the zucchini, but he walked off impressed with the machine’s speed and POWER!

So, thanks to this multigenerational hands on daily experience with the machine, I have lots of thoughts and opinions on the new Elite Collection. I’ll be featuring those opinions this week. Be sure to check back as I process what I like and don’t like about this newest line from Cuisinart. I’ll also include Granny’s view point, and my husband’s ideas as well.

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  1. RainyDayInterns

    For those interested in a slightly smaller version of the new Cuisinart Elite Collection food processor. The closer we examine this Elite Collection Food Processor from Cuisinart, the more impressed we are with the design, attention to details, and quality Cuisinart has put into the product. We can’t wait to see it in action!

    http://www.rainydaymagazine.com/RDM2009/Home/October/Week1/RDMHomeOct0109.htm#Cuisinart_Elite Collection


    Others in the series will be posted by the end of the month.


  2. RainyDayMagazine

    Here is the FirstUse…took a little longer, but things got a bit busy:-)


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