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How to Store Green Tomatoes

September 27th, 2009

DSC_0241It’s that time of year again. My pumpkins are ripe, and my winter garden is exploding. My tomatoes, however, are starting to wither.

Last September when we were in the beginning of the financial crisis, I decided to save my green tomatoes. I had never done this before, but as I watched the breaking  news each day, I decided it was time to get serious and save my coveted tomatoes, even if they were green.

I did some research and found a simple solution in an old book.  The instructions told me to save those tomatoes that had a slight blush, wrap them individually in newspaper, and store them in a cold dark place.  The local newspapers were so heavy on the propaganda at that time, that I was happy to put them to a second use in this way.

Much to my amazement, my coveted green tomatoes did indeed turn red while under cover. I had a hefty supply stored in my basement garage, and when my mother in law came to visit for Christmas I proudly served my homegrown ripe tomatoes! How’s that for all-American resourcefulness?

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