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Alaska’s Amazing Lunch Lady

September 29th, 2009

Now that school is back in session, lunch is a hot topic.

With that in mind, please be sure to check out my article in The Oregonian. I feature Patty Luckhurst, an amazing lunch lady who hails from a remote corner of Alaska.

In addition to cranking out 1500 handmade yeast rolls each week, Luckhurst has found an innovative way to serve wild Alaskan sockeye salmon to her 500 students.

At the end of the article, be sure to check out a website link to Ecotrust and the Farm to School Network. Both of these programs offer ideas and tips for incorporating more local foods into the school lunch menu.

3 Responses to “Alaska’s Amazing Lunch Lady”

  1. Izetta Chambers

    Thank you for reporting on this wonderful contribution to the Dillingham school and the Bristol Bay region. My family and I own a small fish processing plant in Naknek, across the Bristol Bay from Dillingham. Inspired by this amazing program and the loss of food by the local school district due to a freezer breakdown, our company, Naknek Family Fisheries (www.naknekfish.com) donated over 100 pounds of salmon to our local school district, the Bristol Bay Borough School in Naknek.

    Coincidentally, my family and I recently moved to Dillingham and my son loves salmon on Fridays. Because we are health nuts, we typically pack his lunch, except he does eat a hot school lunch on Fridays because we know that it will be healthy, minimally processed, and local protein.

    -Izetta Chambers

  2. kalyn

    Great article!!

  3. admin

    Thank you for your positive comment Kalyn! I am really glad you enjoyed the article. Melissa

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