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BriocheAs many of you know, I am a big fan of my Zojirushi Bread Machine. I purchased mine almost two years ago from King Arthur Flour and indeed it has been money well spent. 

I love this machine because I can load it up with the ingredients, set  the cycle and carry on with my day. On some days, I bake everything from start to finish. On other days, I just use the dough cycle to handle the messy task of mixing, kneading, and proofing a dough to perfection.

While poking through King Arthur’s Bakers’ Banter Blog this morning, I totally enjoyed PJ Hamel’s post on how to make ultra rich and buttery brioche in the Zojirushi. Funnily enough, I’ve been messing around with making brioche in the Cuisinart Elite Food Processor and my results have been mediocre.  For my first attempt, I made an old Abby Mandel recipe in the food processor’s 16 cup workbowl. I’ve never had any problems with Abby’s food processor recipes in the past, but  even my kids honked an emphatic YUCK on this one !

A few days later,  I made another round of dough in the food processor using a different recipe. My results were more on target and are shown in the adjacent photo.  Lately, however, I’ve taken a rest from testing simply because my waistline can’t handle all that butter on a regular basis.

I have other food processor brioche recipes at the top of my “to do test list”, but at this point, I think I’m ready to head back into the kitchen and start over, employing my Zojirushi bread maker rather than my Cuisinart. Stay tuned for my results. In the meantime, check out PJ Hamel’s post here

And, take note that King Arthur is currently offering free shipping on their Zojirushi bread machines. I can assure you that this saves some serious dough!!

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