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I don’t get to Whole Foods very often, but I decided to stop by the one on Seattle’s Roosevelt Way today.

Mooching around the aisles, I stopped at an endcap and couldn’t believe my eyes–an aseptic box touting a Pour n Bake  Pumpkin Pie filling. Made by Arrowhead Mills and just introduced, this compact little box needs nothing more than an egg added to the contents. The contents are then poured into a pie shell and baked. Yikes!

I haven’t tried the product yet…I wasn’t quite ready to buy into it. I don’t find pumpkin pie difficult to make but maybe other folks do…I suppose this convenience product simplifies a holiday task and minimizes the number of products one has to purchase…Maybe I’ll try it and make a pie.  It would be an easy way to crank out a few pies for a crowd…

Or maybe I’ll just stick to my favorite Pumpkin Pie Bars which hail from the folks at Eagle Condensed Milk. They rely on an old fashioned can of pumpkin, a press in the pan crust, sweetened condensed milk, and a basic 9 by 13 pan!

One Response to “What? A Pour N Bake Pumpkin Pie Filling?”

  1. Marie O'Connor

    I checked at my local Whole Foods ( Overland Park KS) after reading about your discovery, Pour N Bake Pumpkin Pie Filling. Could not be found and nobody had heard of the product!
    I am not disappointed as fresh or canned pumpkin have always worked for me, but it might be interesting to try it one time. Thanks for the info.

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