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mini tomatoesI’ve been posting more frequently over at Amazon’s Al Dente blog lately. And, this morning, I posted a pitch for The New Doubleday Cookbook.

I’ve had this book for fifteen years now so it isn’t exactly  “new,”  but it’s a timeless resource that I turn to again and again. I constantly pull this culinary “encyclopedia” off the shelf and find it useful for all sorts of needs such as freezing, roasting, baking, and researching. 

When I’m faced with a glut of garden produce, I rely on this book to tell me how to store, preserve, and freeze the goods.  The book’s recipe for Southern Pecan Pie is the only pecan pie recipe I make. And, I find the recipe for Blondies to be very quick, easy, and delicious. If you don’t have the 900- page book, check  it out.

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