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Darina's Nectarine JamTomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day and it is also the day that Darina Allen’s new book, Forgotten Skills of Cooking, will be released.

As many of you know, I attended Darina’s Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland about 6 years ago. I wrote about it for The New York Times Travel Section.

For my full review on the book, please see my post on Amazon’s Al Dente blog.  The book is a treasure trove and much of the content is gleaned from Darina’s experience teaching her Forgotten Skills classes at the school. If you want to know how to forage, can, preserve, dry, butcher, cure, or pluck, this is the book to get. Additionally, if you enjoy gorgeous photos be sure to take note of those in the book. Taken by Peter Cassidy, they truly reflect the delicious essence of Ballymaloe!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Beth (Metzner) Miller

    Hi, Happy St Patricks Day to you. I’ll read the other post later. I haven’t figured out how to comment on the other site but wanted to let you know that the Swing-a-way can opener looks very familiar. That was one of the items I had grabbed when cleaning out my Mom’s kitchen. Has a tiny bit of rust (I will follow that other comments suggestions) but it is very reliable, also have her potato masher but not the one that had been my other grandmothers.. From her I had what she used to puree her applesauce, Jeff took that to the Jamboree in 1989 for their demo and Rebecca now has it.

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