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Wild Alaska SalmonOh my.

It has been ages since I’ve posted here. It was a busy summer!  I’ve been posting regularly at Amazon’s Al Dente blog, so here’s the link to my contributor’s page. In the last few months, I’ve written nearly sixty posts so there’s lots to read.

Recently, I reviewed the NEW KitchenAid Pasta Press, which is a nice product. It’s a bit challenging getting the hang of this  Italian-made product, but once I got the hang of it and discovered the right recipe, I found it pretty easy to crank out tubular  pastas, such as rigatoni, bucatini, spaghetti, and macaroni.  

I’ve also recently “tested” Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Aluminum foil, which is quite handy for sticky situations such as high heat roasting, grilling and baking.

With Halloween just around the corner and the holidays looming, I’m wondering if Americans are in a pumpkin panic or if they are wising up and using more pumpkin in order to improve their diets. I was at Costco yesterday and was astonished to see lots of Libby’s canned pumpkin being pushed out the door. 

Over the summer,  we spent one Sunday afternoon filleting and vacuum packing 100 pounds of wild Alaska keta for our freezer. This task ignited my curiousity and launched me into a research project. I wrote about this affordable wild salmon for The Oregonian’s FOODday section. Here’s the link to that article, which is entitlted “Northwest Keta Is A Salmon For All Reasons.”

Stay tuned because I will be actively posting here again. Thanks for continually visiting the site!  I appreciate all my unique loyal visitors!

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