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I am a big fan of Nordic Ware products. I have a large array of bundt pans, baking pans, and specialty items. I recently tested the Nordic Ware tartlet baking pan and was very impressed with the results. I received the pan as a sample from my editor at Amazon.

When I got the pan home, I was impressed with the weight of the pan and with the smooth nonstick finish on the pan. However,  I was skeptical as to whether the pastry dough recipe, which was included with the pan,  would make enough.  My skepticism was soon squashed. I made the dough according to the directions on the package and the amount was exactly right. Once baked, each tartlet shell slipped right out of the pan. The fluted edges on each tartlet added a nice touch. The pan was a snap to clean.

So if you like to make impressive things like mini tarts and pecan tassies for the holidays, you might get one of these pans. Made in America, they are truly superb.

 –Melissa A. Trainer

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