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Bradys OystersI like a lot of things about our travel trailer, but the thing I like the most is my kitchen.

Obviously, it isn’t fancy. It certainly isn’t large. Nontheless, as a food writer, I cherish having my mobile kitchen with me as we travel the highways, byways, and bumpy roads of the Pacific Northwest. In a way, I think my galley kitchen has definitely paved the way for culinary freedom, creativity, and exploration. When traveling and trying new foods, there is no comparison between staying in a hotel room and eating restaurant meals compared to having your own kitchen and crafting your own creations. Of course, a hotel room and restaurant meals are easier, but they are also more expensive and not necessarily better.

Because I love to try local and regional foods, I’ve found that my kitchen plays a key role in letting me prepare and cook those items that I’ve purchased, caught, plucked, or gathered in our travels. By having a stove, sink, oven, freezer, and fridge always at the ready and often chugging along right behind me (!), I can create and indulge with confidence. I’ve purchased fresh oysters a stone’s throw from the oyster beds at Brady’s oyster farm in Grayland, Washington and prepared them with ease in the kitchen. I’ve made pancakes with huckleberries plucked the day before at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon. I’ve cooked local wild king salmon caught by my husband and sons in the rough waters off Ucluelet, British Columbia.

When purchasing and discovering these local foods, I also find myself learning about their history and their lore. I talk to the growers and ask questions. I often walk away with a few tips on how to prepare the items at hand. In essence, I always feel like I walk away with a true taste of Americana and a clear path to culinary freedom!

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