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The Bacon and Egg Sandwich…

January 5th, 2011

Bacon BanterWhat’s your idea of the ultimate bacon and egg sandwich? What is the best pan for the job? Should the bacon be thin and crispy? Should the egg be free range, organic, poached, or fried? What’s the best bread to use? Whole wheat, artisan, basic white, or a bagel? Are salt, pepper, and butter critical ingredients?

I have forever been a fan of the bacon and egg sandwich. When I was a child, my father would often make this breakfast sandwich for me. In order to do so, he’d use his favorite 10-inch cast iron skillet to fry the bacon and the egg. This simple sandwich remains one of my favorite comfort foods.

Now that my husband has started to craft his own bacon at home using pork bellies and our Cabela’s smoker, we have a lot of handcrafted bacon in the kitchen. I’ve been experimenting and am wondering what you have to say about how to make the ultimate bacon and egg sandwich…

Photo by Melissa A. Trainer

– Melissa A. Trainer

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