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Salmon Scouts

March 18th, 2009

Who says kids won’t eat salmon?

Certainly not the members of  Seattle’s Cub Scout Pack 167, which is sponsored by University Presbyterian Church!
salmon dinner
On March 4, Pack 167 hosted its annual Blue and Gold Banquet in order to celebrate the boy’s hard work and scouting achievements.  Each year, the banquet
highlights a theme and serves a full sit down hot dinner to the Scouts and their families.

This year, the theme was Potlatch and the menu highlighted Wild Alaskan Yukon salmon.  With more than 100 people attending and a crew of dedicated parents at the culinary helm, more than 50 pounds of salmon were prepped, cooked and served from the church’s large and well equipped commercial kitchen.  Each plate featured a hunk of perfectly cooked buttery salmon plus roasted potatoes and a mixed green salad tossed in (appropriately!) a huckleberry vinaigrette.

Everyone, kids included, gave the Yukon salmon a big nod of approval by clearing their plates with gusto.

4 Responses to “Salmon Scouts”

  1. Marie

    I am So impressed with Pack 167,what a menu! As a mother of 2 Eagle Scouts I have sat through
    many B/G banquets (hot dogs, mac/cheese and jello salads) HATS OFF to the planning committee .

  2. admin

    Yes, Sally Lord and her crew did a great job that night. We have had many people tell us how shocked they were that the kids ate the salmon! Sally Lord’s kids even asked why they didn’t get bigger pieces!!Thanks for posting.

  3. breanne engler

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