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Is it possible to still find really good All-American road food? After a spontaneous stop at an unassuming spot this weekend, we emphatically declare, Yes!shrimp-shack-anacortes2

While daytripping to Anacortes this weekend, we decided to stop at a little roadside stand called the Shrimp Shack. For many years now, we have passed this quaint seafood market and grill while on our way to Deception Pass State Park but never had the chance to pull over.

Around 5 pm on Saturday, we decided to try it before we drove home to Seattle. Opened in 1973 by Dieter and Laurel Drews, the Shrimp Shack  is a small white building with two windows where you can order a variety of local seafood specialties such as whole cooked shrimp, oysters, and clam. The American flag was fluttering in the sea breeze, and a huge shrimp painted on the side of the building clearly indicates the specialty of the house.

There is no indoor dining, but luckily the weather was great and we snagged a spot at one of the picnic tables.  The owners strive to serve local products and the oysters in their enomously popular Oyster Burgers hail from the Blau Oyster Company.  The Shrimp Shack also offers top quality burgers made from natural organically raised beef.

We loved the shrimp which were caught by local fishermen in the nearby San Juan Islands. Small and succulent, the shrimp are sold cooked with the heads and tails intact. They were totally sweet and clean tasting and a bargain at $4 per pound.   The kids ordered the cheeseburgers and declared them “the best.”

If you find yourself near Anacortes, Washington this summer, be sure to steer towards the Shrimp Shack. You’ll be glad that you did.

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