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Lickety Zip Salmon Dinner

April 2nd, 2009

Is it possible to prep and cook a salmon and broccoli dinner in under four minutes? Absolutely, if you have Ziploc’s new Zip’n Steam ™ bags handy. I discovered these nifty bags while shopping for wax paper this week.

Stashed on the shelves near their Ziploc siblings, the bags cost about $2.50 for a box of 10. Steaming is always one of the healthiest ways to cook and when I read that these bags could cook fish, veggies, poultry and shellfish in mere minutes using the microwave, I was curious. When I saw that the bags eliminated messy pans and clean up, I was sold.

At home, I grabbed a six ounce Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon fillet and some asparagus and opened my box of Zip’n Steam bags. Much to my delight, each bag featured a handy chart on the bag. I used that as my guide.

On my first attempt, I stuffed my medium bag with the salmon and spears. I set my 1000 watt microwave for three minutes. The bag puffed, and the salmon sputtered during the process. Although the end results were satisfactory, I felt the salmon and spears were a tad overcooked. So, I heeded the bag’s advice and adjusted my cooking time accordingly.

On trial two, I used another 6 ounce salmon fillet and substituted broccoli. Nothing else was added to the bag. No water. No seasonings. I zapped at high for two minutes. The results were outstanding. The salmon flakes were naturally buttery. The broccoli was bright green. When I served my “Lickety Zip Salmon” dinner, I placed the salmon over the broccoli and drizzled the fish with some béarnaise sauce, which I had made from a Simply Organic seasoning packet. Very impressive indeed.

I plan to use the Zip’n Steam bags again and like them for these reasons:

1. They promote a healthier mode of cooking—There’s no need for additional fat because the steam does all of the work and the flavors are locked in by the zipper seal.

2. They helps today’s busy cooks– The food can be loaded into the bags earlier in the day and microwaved at the height of the dinner rush hour.

3. They offer brown baggers another option–The bags can be loaded in the morning, zipped tight and carted to work where they can be zapped in the communal microwave for an inexpensive and healthy hot lunch.

4. They are a sensible alternative to eating out—What restaurant can ensure a super healthy low fat meal at a reasonable cost in under 4 minutes?

5. They are a great solution for anyone who dines alone or who gets home late.

6. They minimize cleanup and mess—There’s no explanation needed on this one!

3 Responses to “Lickety Zip Salmon Dinner”

  1. Chris

    This sounds like a really quick and easy way to get more fish into our diet. Since many of us don’t have fresh salmon on hand do you reccomend using a frozen fillet?

    Thank you,


  2. Chris

    This sounds like a really quick and easy way to get more fish into our diet. Since many of us don’t have fresh salmon on hand do you reccomend using a frozen fillet?

    Thank you,


  3. Melissa

    Frozen is absolutely okay, Chris! My wild Alaskan salmon had been frozen in my freezer.
    Additionally, you can get individually vacuum packed flash frozen wild Alaskan salmon that is very good. (The fish is often frozen at sea very quickly after it’s caught so it’s a very good quality.) Costco sells the Alaskan sockeye salmon frozen this way…look for it in their freezer section. This is a great way to keep nutrient rich wild salmon on hand…you can pull out one or two pieces at a time and have dinner ready to go in no time at all. Other species of fish, such as cod, are available this way, too. If you try the bags, please let me know how you like them! Regards, Missy

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