Hooks for Cooks™

Hooks For Cooks™

Welcome to Melissa A. Trainer’s new food and travel blog, Hooks for Cooks!

I’ve been in the food and publishing industries for more than twenty years and have been published in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal as well as in many other publications. After college, I worked as an Assistant Editor at Gourmet Magazine and while there I wrote a monthly question and answer column entitled “The Cook’s Corner.” It was during my stint at Gourmet that I also learned how to edit recipes and fact check articles for accuracy. I worked with the magazine’s food editors during the day and took dozens of professional hands on cooking classes all over New York City at night.

All of this experience and more is applied in my writing. As a journalist first and foremost, I think it’s critically important to create accurate carefully checked written work. Unfortunately, not all information is created equal these days and this is particularly true when it comes to online media. This personal belief in careful writing, researching and editing drives my work and will continue to do so whether my writing is destined for my online blog or a traditional print publication.

Another objective of this blog is to demonstrate simplicity in daily cooking. As a mother of three athletic children, this blog will highlight my down to earth no nonsense approach to cooking. Each day, I crank out healthy breakfasts, brown bag lunches, dinner and snacks. Doing this is no easy task considering I also meet deadlines, research article ideas, work with colleagues, and develop recipes.

My food isn’t fancy. It’s simply family friendly fare that relies on the best quality ingredients that I can afford.

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